I’m a parent of two special needs young adults and my youngest son is absolutely crazy about the movie Despicable Me.  I also work at a children’s hospital where, every year, the employees have a costume parade for the inpatient kids at Halloween.  For those reasons, this year I was inspired to create a Minion costume!

I started with 2 plastic tubs from a local container store and an old Tupperware bowl for the top minion head shape.  After some cutting and a lot of spray adhesive and duct tape, I had the basic form.  I cut a hole in the form to serve as the Minion eye ball and my way to see and then covered the form with yellow stretch fleece fabric (held in place with more spray adhesive).  The finishing touches were coaxial cable for the hair, an old bowl spray painted silver for the goggles held in place with elastic and felt for the eye and mouth.  Finally, I cut up my husband’s old jeans to make the Minion overalls.

It was a labor of love that was very satisfying to see the look on my son’s face when I revealed his new Minion friend and the smiles on the kids in the hospital when they saw their favorite movie character.  My only problem now, it what to tackle next year!