I live, love, breath for Halloween. I am always in love with illusions and quirkiness, missing body parts, etc. I have the “Corpse Coming Alive” on here from a couple of years ago as well. Which led me to The Contortionists idea. I love all things Freak Show and Vaudeville, so that helped with my vision. We built everything ourselves; legs and torsos actually molded out of our own bodies, from butt to toes, even moving joint components in the interior our legs, so they are to move in different contortionist positions!

A big challenge was the bodies on the tables (scrapped curtains and sheets, and foam boards), challenge upon challenge, days of days building, trial and error! But it worked! We added juggling balls on wire too, a couple of crows for creepy, a vaudeville Cirque vibe is what I wanted. Long story short, we were a hit through the streets of Los Angeles!

We first molded our bodies with saran wrap, super tight then wrapped in clear wide shipping tape. Then cut the molds of our legs and torses and butts (that is actually my butt mold here, lol. ) and taped, glued back together. We then used dowels, wire and hooks for the joints (knees, ankles, hips) so they were able to move and stay in place. Then attempted “great stuff” foam to fill but after numerous, failures with that-very sticky, heavy, etc. We ended up using jumbo air bubble wrapping for moving or shipping, I had left UPS and saw it in their pile to be discarded in garbage and I saw hope with that and got it all from their garbage, haha whoops. Nothing gets waisted with me around!
We used foam boards (again swiped from another dumpster) for the table, then I found curtains at good will and cut them up to make the tables (on sale $3.00!! wahoo.) I used a few pairs of panty hose to smooth out the skin affect. Use glue gun and velcro to keep shoes in place, glue gun is my best friend!! Used that for fabric on tables as well. And made my own hair piece with feathers. Whole costume designed by me! Whew!

Used wires for his juggling balls, to give the illusion for mid air action. I have a couple of crows on wire but hard to see those-just for a creepy affect. Makeup, huge hair helped with a foam ball under my bun of craziness!

We were a massive hit through the streets of Hollywood! And one of the biggest Masquerade Balls here in Los Angeles. This turned out to be the most manageable costumes I have ever worn, and if you can see my past costumes, that would be hard to believe.

I even rode in the back of my SUV trunk with this on from head to toe! That is a sight to see, hahah. We had a ball!!!