This cheap and easy to make Dexter couple costume is probably the best one I have come up with to date. It has been almost one year since we did this and friends and neighbors are still talking about it. For the Dexter victim you can see from the pictures you only really need a slip, some saran wrap, and a patient best friend who will help you get all wrapped up. It took 3 tries but we finally created a finished product. I found that you had to be careful not to wrap the saran wrap too tight for a few reasons.

  •  The saran wrap will slide down and cause wardrobe malfunctions if it is too tight to begin with (especially the bottom layers)
  •  This is a VERY warm costume so the extra room to breathe is advised. On that note drink plenty of fluids in this costume because you can become severely  dehydrated wearing plastic wrap all night.
  • Bathroom breaks are a pain to begin with, if you rip the saran wrap it will ruin your costume and your night.

The victim shoes were old white heels I would never wear again that we splattered red acrylic paint all over (note: do this over newspaper, a trash bag, or outside). I am not sure how long the paint will stay, but I don’t plan on wearing them too often.

For Dexter we repurposed almost everything, the only item we bought were the gloves. The main items you want is a dark green or brown Henley or long sleeve shirt, an apron, black gloves, and a knife (optional). We used an old chem lab apron which we smeared red acrylic paint on, but any apron will do.

This was a great and inexpensive costume for a couple who wants to throw something together last minute!