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Coolest Homemade Yoshi Costume 33

Homemade Yoshi Costume

Homemade Yoshi Costume

I looked all over the internet and could not find any Yoshi costumes for my little boy to wear. We had decided to do a Mario Brothers theme for the whole family for Halloween and we were so excited about it that I knew I had to find a way to make a Yoshi costume for him.

First, I measured him from head to toe. I then went out and bought some thin green and white fleece. I made the body of the costume like a one-piece outfit and then I added a tail and stuffed it with some pillow stuffing. I made a hood and attached Yoshi's face, stuffing where it was needed as I went.

Using orange fleece, I cut a zig-zag pattern to make the "spikes" going down his head and stitched them on. I sewed the hood onto the body at the back. I added a white zipper up the middle of the front. On the back I put a big red circle and put a bit of stuffing into it, not enough to make it fluffy, just to pump it up a little. I added a white ring around the red circle.

For the boots I just cut a very simple shoe cover pattern out of orange fleece and stitched it down the back.

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Buy it
by: Cicely

We are doing the same for Halloween this year. Can I buy it from you for our son? His birthday is in Oct and all he wants is a Yoshi costume. Yours looks a lot more like Yoshi than any of the other one i can purchase. If so please comment back. Thanks!

Yoshi Costume
by: Becky Parker

Do you make and sell these? My 5 year old wants to be Yoshi for Halloween this year.

by: KatieB

Your costume is perfect! I was searching all over for a yoshi costume - although all of the costume stores had it listed on their sites, non of them have it in stock. You have inspired me to make it myself! Thankfully, I was able to order the yoshi plush hat off the internet, so I won't have to make that!

Good job!

can you make me one??
by: joann

i would love to buy one from you for my 4 year old!!! please let me know if your interested!!

by: Lynne

That is sooo adorable. My son is 6 but small for his age, prob wears 5/6, I'd pay you if you could make another? - If not, kudos to you anyway! Wish I was good at that stuff!!!!

great job
by: rose vicente az

great job mom, my grandsons want to be this character this year. thanks for the idea. am getting the sewing machine out right now!

Yoshi costume for Halloween
by: Nicole

Hello, I have tried looking everywhere for a yoshi costume. My son really wants to be yoshi for Halloween. Do you make and sell them? I would try and attempt it but I don't have the best sewing skills, wish I did. Please let me know if you do make and sell them.

Do You Sell Your Costumes?
by: Nadine


I have looked everywhere for a great Yoshi costume for my 5 year old and they all look nothing like Yoshi.

Do you sell Yoshi costumes? I cannot sew to save my life and this would be perfect for Halloween.

Please email me if you sell, I will purchase immediately!


My Lil Girl Really Wants to Be Yoshi
by: Claudia Rodriguez

She loves Yoshi. She is 6 and I will pay you if you can make me one. Please let me know. My email is

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Coolest Homemade Dry Bones Costume

by Beckie
(Berkley, MI)

Homemade Dry Bones Costume

Homemade Dry Bones Costume

My son wanted a Homemade Dry Bones Costume from the Mario Games this year. Since they don't sell one in the store, I had to get crafty! We started with a black sweat shirt and sweat pants and hot glued bones from the dollar store to make the body. The shell we made out of a football serving tray flipped over that we hot glued Styrofoam pieces all over. The eyes are Styrofoam cutouts again glued onto a winter hat stuffed with newspaper to make it stand up.

The mouth we made out of white kid visors from Michale's craft store and glued them onto the hat, along with black felt for the nose. I also cut up a few visors for the teeth and glued them on as well. We finished the look with a pair of white gloves.

To attach the shell, we used some elastic bands and glued and staples them on, so the shell can be put on like a coat and is removable.

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great idea
by: Anonymous

I love this idea! I've been trying to get my son to be something besides Mario since I'm sure everyone will be them since they're so popular. He liked the idea of being Dry Bones, I can't wait to start making it, thanks!

by: Anonymous

LOL, my skull is the face.

Where to find bones?
by: Sarah Harper

Hey! I love this idea, but can't find bones like this anywhere! Any tips on where I might find them this year? Thanks!

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Coolest Pyramid Head Costume

by Dan Z.

Homemade Pyramid Head Costume

Homemade Pyramid Head Costume

For this Pyramid Head costume I took cardboard and made the mask. I then bought a sheet for my legs, made stilts out of 2 by 4s then I made the sword.

Total cost: $20

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by: Anonymous

That is fantastic!!! Nice work and nice its from WNY!

by: Anonymous

WOW THAT'S ACTUALLY AMAZING!!! I wanna make it! how long it did u do the sword???

very cool
by: Anonymous

very cool

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