This was done a few years back when Ceelo Green was a host on The Voice Tv show. Ceelo made it so easy to come up with a costume because of the way he always came onto the show dressed. After ordering latex paint and my husband coming up with the Chair design it was time to put everything into place.

The chair he made had lights and was able to spin around just like the ones on the show. Ceelo was know for wearing white, with big glasses and carring a cat so thats the way we dressed my husband, keep in mind my husband is a white man with hair. Once chair was made, a latex wig was put on and the latex body paint was put on his head, face, arms and hand.

We go to the club holding the contest just about every weekend, and not one person knew it was him. Noone could believe he was a middle aged white man, the make up was completed so realistic.