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Judges from The Voice Group Halloween Costume

CHAIRS: I used red poster board and black duck tape. I put wooden dowels on each side of the chair backs to keep them upright. I used velcro strips to secure the chair back to the clothes. I used cardboard to make the tray in front and used velcro to secure to the chair back. That way, the chair could easily be removed from the person. I put a Staples Easy button on the tray.

ADAM: tattoo sleeves

CELO: mixed black and brown spray paint on a bald head cap. Also mixed brown and black make up paint for face and arms. Also had a pink parrot hanging on his chair behind his left shoulder.

CHRISTINA: Fake styrofoam boobs, a wig and orange-tinged make up!

BLAKE: Pretty simple, a jacket, jeans and boots!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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