I created this Poisin Ivy costume very easily in just a couple days. All materials included, a multi-shade green eye-shadow  Silk Ivy from a dollar store, red hair dye (my hair was already red, but you can opt for a wig) and a hideous dark green velvet dress (nearly any thrift store should have this, not like they’re flying off the racks, I recommend plus sizes so that you have more fabric to work with.)

All I did was take the dress in to fit my body, changed and sewed the neckline, faux shredded the sleeves and skirt with scissors, and outlined the seams with green glitter fabric paint. I used a belt I already had to cinch in the waist. I used the ivy as a headband, and created the illusion of a leaf mask with the eye shadow around my eyes.

This is by far my favorite costume ever!  So easy, and only cost maybe $10. I have always loved the Batman movies, comics, etc. And being that I dye my hair red, I thought Poison Ivy would make the perfect costume. Everyone loved it, and knew instantly what it was, which is sometimes a challenge when it is homemade. I try to think outside the box with my costume ideas, so my first thought was thrifting. It’s challenging because you don’t know what you’ll get, but the right pieces catch your eye.

The makeup was tricky, I made the eyes look like leaves by using different shades of bright green eye-shadow and a black liner, my hair was simple, I just cut and pinned in a small amount of silk vines.