So I was invited to my first ‘Anything but clothes’ party so I felt I had to take the theme very seriously. I was invited a month in advance but as any good procrastinator I did not start the costume until the morning of the party. I couldn’t think of anything original and I wanted my costume unique, so my inspiration was the place I eat at way too much, Chipotle.

Supplies: Large chipotle bags, chipotle bowls with cover, tin foil, box tape, duct tape, scissors, binder clips

I started with carefully removing the brown handles from a few chipotle bags. I didn’t cut the bag because I then used it for the bottom.

Bottom: I made the skirt from about two large brown Chipotle bags. I opened the bottom part very carefully to make the skirt as long as possible to then be able to get it to the proper length. I used box tape on the inside of the bag to tape them together and then I lined the entire inside of the bags with box tape. I then wrapped the tapped bag around the length of my bottom to be able to shape it. I used binder clips to tuck the skirt in where necessary and then I used box tape to hold my ‘alterations’.

Top: I made the top into a corset. I used tin foil and lined the all the shinier side with about two layers of box tape. I then wrapped the tin foil around myself to mark where I wanted the bowls to be placed. I cut two chipotle bowl covers about 3/4 s the length and had it cover my boobies. I cut a portion out of the tin foil top where I wanted to place the bowls and used duct tape to tape the bowls over the area. For the back of the corset I folded the extra tin foil to the necessary measurements and used duct tape to tape the extra piece to the inside of the corset (good reinforcement). I then used a hole punch to punch out a few holes on the reinforced part of the corset. I used some string and braided it for the tie of the corset.

Accessories: I cut around a tin bowl cover and taped it with box tape (because it was sharp) and used this as a bangle. I braided 3 and 3 bag handles and then used duct tape to tape a fork on it for a necklace.

Shoes: I used the bottom part of the bowl to make sandals (I have small feet). I poked 3 holes one at the top and two at the end. I then used the chipotle handles and pushed it through and tied a knot at the bottom, same with the back two holes. I duct taped the entire bottom of the bowl to reinforce it.

I had no idea what I was going to be, then inspiration hit. I loved making it, and it really wasn’t that hard. Everyone at the party loved it, and said I had the best one =]. I hope this inspires more Chipotle wear.