I used tulle to make a long dress and attached it to an elastic band. The instructions how to do this are easy and found on YouTube. I then wrapped teal ribbon around the top of the dress in order to hide the elastic. I attached some peacock feathers to a hair bow and hot glued it to the front for an accent. For the tail, I used over 100 peacock feathers that I ordered from amazon.com.

I glued a bunch of pages of felt together and cut it in a long triangular shape. Then, using the peacock feathers and some various black and teal colored feathers, I attach them all on to the felt triangle. I then took duct tape and taped the whole back part of the tail so that when it dragged on the ground it wouldn’t rip or get dirty. I simply safety pinned the tail to the back of the dress and made it ready to remove for when my daughter needed to sit down so she wouldn’t ruin the feathers. I bought a small hat from Michael’s. I added some ribbon, Russian veil, a sparkly peacock feather, and some random tulle to jazz it up a bit. This costume took about a total of 3 hours to make.

On Halloween we went trick or treating in a very busy area in our city. Many many people stopped or commented on the costume with a lot saying it was the best costume they had seen. Random people stopped us to take my daughters picture. It was a huge hit. It held up wonderfully with no tears or rips or any damage.

I really don’t know why I picked a peacock costume to make except that I really love the colors. I went on etsy.com to buy a tutu for mu daughter and found the prices to be insane so decided to make my own. From there the idea morphed into a peacock tutu costume. It really was fun to make!