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Wickedly Easy Voodoo Priestess and Witch Doctor Costume

Here’s how our Voodoo Priestess and Witch Doctor costume came to life… For the past four years we have held an Adult Halloween Costume Party with a prize for best costume.  The costumes we see are amazing! (Nothing like a gift card to a favorite restaurant to get people excited and motivated to bring there “A” game  & THEY DO!!)

As the hosts, we try to be creative yet comfortable in the costumes we choose. We do a lot of running around making sure food, drinks, firewood are all taken care of and up to speed. For this past year we decided to try our hand with a costume that had face paint which we swore we would never do. To our surprise, these costumes got an incredible  reaction from our friends and family. Many of them were asking where we were and had no idea it was us! Such fun!

To create these looks I did some thrift store shopping, a trip to a craft store, a stop a party store and added some pieces out of our own wardrobe. Here is what was bought at the Thrift Store: a cheetah robe, zebra fleece PJ bottoms, a black witch dress, 2 plastic skulls and a foam skull. At the Craft Store: grass table skirt and feathers. At the Party Store: headdresses (to save time)

The Voodoo Priestess and Witch Doctor costume project cost was about $40.00 total for both costumes. You could definitely save some money if you made your own headdresses, which were the most expensive items. It probably would have cut our cost in half. 

How the costumes came together… Voodoo Priestess: Had wig, face makeup, black tights, boots, jewelry, walking stick  and mini skeleton at home.Used black witch dress. Cut up the robe to make a skirt safety pinned it. Used the robe belt as a belt and hot glued mini skeleton. Used leftovers from the zebra pants on calves. Just safety pinned on. For the walking stick, just hot glued skeleton head, feathers and some leftover pieces of the grass skirt.  Added wig, headdress and face paint. 

Witch Doctor: Had the wig, black sweatshirt, black pants, black shoes, face paint, plastic bat, fur and jewelry. Cut the zebra PJ bottoms into shorts. Used leftover robe to create a loincloth and arm band & safety pinned on. Cut foam skull in half and hot glued to the loincloth. Laid out grass tablecloth measured arms, waist and thighs. Knotted them around arms, waist and thighs. Hot glued skeleton with feathers to plastic bat with fur piece and leftover grass skirt pieces.  Added wig, headdres and face paint. 

That is it! I hope this inspires you when looking to create the an interesting Halloween Costume. 

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