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Venetian Gondolier – Cody’s Wheelchair Costume 2012

I made the wheelchair costume using cardboard, it is strapped to his wheelchair and open on the back so the wheelchair can still be pushed.

Every year I make a different costume for my son Cody. This costume was made using cardboard, I cut the cardboard in the shape of a gondola, sprayed painted with black paint. The golden front was covered with golden contact paper.

The costume was sewn by a friend, she made the stripped black and white shirt, red bandana and belt. The hat I brought from Venice myself a few years ago. It only took 1-2 days to make the costume. I also made a black still with Italian color ribbons attached for his to hold as a paddle.

I also downloaded a few Italian songs, Oh Sol e Mio, Volare and others to play as we ride around the neighborhood tonight. I can’t wait to show off Cody’s costume!

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