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Underdog Super Hero Cartoon DIY Costume (and Simon Bar Sinister)

Who doesn’t love Underdog except for a few villains? This Underdog cosplay is one of my most loved creations. It was a labor of love too.

The basic Underdog costume I made out of a shirt and pants I found at a Thrift store. I added elastic to the shirt to help form the shape after I inserted some foam padding around the waist. The boot covers were a quick sew job using an recycled red t-shirt. I made my own ‘U’ with iron on fabric. The cape I made from new fabric. It was not too hard to make once you find the right outfit. They do sell them online too.

The main work for this was the head proportions. Also, I wanted to make sure that the nose and head line did not hang forward like I have seen in other examples. Underdog’s head is always higher in the front. The head is EVA foam and I made my own pattern on the first try. Make sure you are cutting foam with a sharp blade every time. The head weight sits on the shoulder so it is easy to wear. The mouth, under the ears and the eye holes provide good air flow with a small hole in the back of the head near the top. Which also provides a way to carry it. The ears are EVA foam covered in fabric. The two hairs are pipe cleaners.
And yes he does have a ring. It is made of foam too.

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