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Transforming into Sienna Shaw: A DIY Terrifier 2 Costume

It’s Daddy’s character! Just like Sienna in the movie, creating this costume involved many sleepless nights. We used EVA foam, chainmail, faux leather, metal skulls, and wings obtained online. Initially, we planned an Art the Clown and Sienna costume duo, but there were no Sienna costumes available.

Crafting the Details

We spent over 80 hours in one month meticulously crafting this costume. It was a first-time experience for me. We started with a warrior princess costume and modified it, beginning with the shin guards and wrist guards. Once those were complete, we were determined to finish the entire ensemble. Finding clear online references for the costume was challenging, so we resorted to screenshots from the movie. We created stencils and meticulously cut foam pieces, relying heavily on online research and trial and error.

Overcoming Challenges

The chest armor presented the most significant challenge. Achieving the desired curvature and seamlessly blending the seams proved to be a formidable task. Next came the hair. We purchased a wig online and had a hair stylist braid it. Attaching the wig properly took hours, and we’ve had to redo it three times so far.

Halloween Triumph and Beyond

On Halloween, we proudly showcased our creation, securing fourth place in a local contest. Many people expressed their belief that we deserved a higher ranking. We attribute our loss to two factors: limited recognition of the character and the fact that it was a couples costume, which went unnoticed. The actress who played Sienna even shared our post and expressed her admiration for our work – a gratifying moment.

We had the opportunity to watch the movie’s re-release in theaters while still in costume, an unforgettable experience. The next day, I donned the costume once again for these photographs.

This DIY Sienna Shaw costume stands as a testament to our dedication and creativity, and we are proud to have brought this terrifying character to life.

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