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Tom and Jerry Homemade Couple Costume

We made these Tom and Jerry costumes in just two days! It’s an easy and fun costume for couples.

The accessories we used are: a pan for Tom the cat and a cheese for Jerry the mouse. The cheese was made from kappa boards that we glued together and painted with acrylic colours. The holes in the cheese are made by scissors.

For the Tom costume we took  a grey shirt and pants and we cut a white shirt and made a belly from it.  We bought cat’s ears and tails from the costume store and we covered them with grey. We then added the pink cloth on the ears with a glue for clothes.

For Jerry’s costume we bought brown lycra and tulle and sewed the skirt. We also bought a matching brown shirt and sewed the belly with a pink-brown cloth we found at home.

We were a hit at the costume party!

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