Cute Homemade Tom and Jerry Couple Halloween Costume

I am a college student at Texas A&M, therefore for things like Halloween, I always try to be innovative and cost efficient.

Developing the Tom & Jerry Couple Halloween Costume was so easy and it wasn’t too time consuming of a project once we came up with how to actually make the costume. The materials were inexpensive and it made for a great costume that wasn’t revealing like many costumes seem to be nowadays. It made for an easy and fun project for a group of two looking for a cute costume to put together that doesn’t require too much work or money.

Making the Dresses!

To create the two dresses, we bought individual pillowcases (queen or king) in the appropriate colors.

Then cut (at the open end of the pillowcase) the top left and right down to the seam so that we could loop ribbon through the hemmed part of the pillowcase.

We also cut the sewed together part of the pillowcase to a desired length.

For the belly portion of the costume we bought white fabric and fabric adhesive and ironed the oval pieces onto the pillowcase (this could also be done with fabric glue).

To avoid any confusion we used the Tom & Jerry logo to trace the names just above the top left/right of the bellies.

Making the Ears!

The mouse ears were bought and then painted brown

The cat ears were made by cutting up an old grey cat stuffed animal

We put them in our hair by gluing bobby pins to them.

Making the Tails

We used pipe cleaners and braided them together

The mouse tail was made longer than the cat tail

At the top of the tail we tied extra ribbon from the dress and then safety pinned the tails to our dresses