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Toddler’s Creative Dinozord Wheelchair Costume!

My sweet boy wanted to be a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, and I of course need to include his wheelchair! I transformed it into a tyranasourus dinozord! When walking around trick or treating, a little girl said, “but I thought the original Power Rangers were over”. Those who recognized who sean was for Halloween the most was, to no surprise, 25-30 year old men who grew up watching the dinozords on TV. For this project I used tape, foam boards, colored cardstock, tape, spray paint, chipboard, vinyl, and more tape. Seriously, this whole project is held together with only tape, the cheap kind from the dollar store. I took his wheelchair and laid it on it’s side on top of a foam board. I pressed on it to leave a small impression so I could see what parts needed to be removed using an exact knife. I did this for both sides, and then I added a rectangular panel and taped those bad boys together. I spray painted the frame red, and then added details using cardstock and vinyl. Foe the tail and Zord head, I also used the foam boards and spray painted them red and adding details. One homeowner actually gave the Zord some candy! ( through his mouth) Along with also adding a few pieces into Sean’s bag. For Sean’s mask, I used some cereal boxes to cut out a template I found on youtube! I cut it out and taped it together to form the shape of an actual helmet. Then, I did that messy thing called paper mache to cover the frame. Painted it and added details using my Silhoutte Cameo to create stencils.Sean was born with Spina Bifida and he has been in a wheelchair for almost all of his life. He is 4 year’s old and loves the Power Rangers. When I was finally done with his costume Sean said, ” I’m not Sean anymore, I’m a real Power Ranger!”.


Toddler's Creative Dinozord Wheelchair Costume!

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