It all started with the purchase of a bunch of fancy tablecloths from a reuse store here in the bay area.  I couldn’t pass it up because there was so much yardage!  Banquet tablecloths for $7 each.  So I knew I wanted to do something big and billowy.

These are based on period fashions from the late 1700’s.  The era of the oppluent french aritcocracy (including marie antionette) So we dubbed the costumes the ORIGINAL 1%.  I built all the undergarments for my dress including a corset with 80 bones and a hoopskirt.   I included vintage jewlery from the 1940s as an adornment in the front. My husband decorated a store bought sun hat to great effect.

A major undertaking, the biggest I have ever attempted.  But also my proudest costume moment.  I probably wont ever build anything this “serious” again, but now that I know I can pull this off, I know I can do anything!