Awesome Homemade Hulk Halloween Costume

Awesome Homemade Hulk Halloween Costume

I have always wanted to attempt a large project for Halloween and this year I decided to go for it and create a Hulk costume. I am already a big guy (6’7″) but needed to have the massive muscles that make a Hulk costume. With this in mind I planned out how to create a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dr. Doom Costume for Convention

Palmcon 2011 was the first con I ever went to, after going I was inspired to make a costume for 2012.I worked all year on a Dr. Doom costume and ba

Palmcon 2011 was the first con I ever went to, after going I was inspired to make a costume for 2012. I worked all year on a Dr. Doom costume and barely finish it in time for the convention. It’s made out of anything and everything and has a lot of trial and error, some … Read more

Coolest DIY Baby Groot Costume from Guardians of the Galaxy

Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

I created this homemade Baby Groot costume from my 5 year old daughter who wanted to be Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Everyone loved her costume. Every time she saw someone, she would stop and do the baby groot dance! And instead of saying trick or treat, she would say “I AM GROOT”! … Read more

The Cutest Little DIY Loki Variant Costume

The cutest little Loki variant

My six-year-old son loved the Loki series on Netflix – who can resist the God of Mischief? He loved all the variants in the show, but he was most amused when Loki was imprisoned by the Time Variance Authority at the beginning of the series. He always manages to really channel his Halloween costume characters, … Read more

Homemade Venom Costume Made by a 6-Year Old Boy

Homemade Venom by a 6-year old boy

Homemade Venom Costume with my 6 year-old son. I have been making my son’s Halloween costumes since he was 1. He has been a Lion in a circus tent (1), Bob the builder and his friend Lofty (2), Pokémon Go Trainer (3), Dragon turning into Elsa (4), and Rocket Raccoon piggybacking off of Groot (5). … Read more

Awesome Homemade Groot Costume

Homemade Groot Costume

For my homemade Groot costume, I used pipe insulation tubs for the body and gym mat flooring that I carved with a hot knife for the chest pieces. I used over 140 full size glue sticks to attach the pipe insulation tubes. I soaked tissue paper in white glue and applied to the tubes for … Read more

“I AM GROOT!”: Coolest DIY Groot Costume

DIY Groot Costume

I just knew when I saw the movie “Guardians  Of The Galaxy,” that I had to try to make a DIY Groot costume! DIY Groot Costume Construction Making the Groot Costume Head I began with the head and a plastic coffee can. I added foam and began to add and shape foam to make his … Read more

Epic DIY Groot Costume From Guardians of the Galaxy

groot costume

My wife saw this idea on Pinterest and at the beginning of October, decided she was going to make it. Then we’d all go to our local Halloween Party as the Guardians of the Galaxy. I love my wife – she is very creative and artistic, but I didn’t think this was possible. But – … Read more

Awesome DIY Groot Costume from Guardians of the Galaxy

This year i wanted to do something big… and what’s bigger than Groot? Hours after inception of this wonderful idea i was at the hardware store buying copious amounts of insulation foam (I’m talking as much as I could physically carry!) Once I got home I began digging through my drawers for some sacrificial pants … Read more

Cool DIY Carnage Kid Costume

Cool DIY Carnage Kid Costume

I was inspired by another Carnage Kid costume to make this one with a few minor tweaks. I hope that if you want to make this costume, my steps will be helpful. Have fun, and remember; don’t worry about messing up, paint is forgiving! Who is Carnage Kid? If you are not a comics person… Carnage Kid is … Read more

Coolest DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Family Costume

guardians of the galaxy family costume

Our family loves the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, so it was a given we would convince our kids this was the Halloween theme we needed to go with. We’ve been dressing up as a family since the kids were born, and each year our costumes get more elaborate. From our Guardians of the Galaxy family costume, … Read more

Awesome Frankenstein Costume for a Boy

Awesome Frankenstein Costume for a Boy

I created this Frankenstein costume for my son Faisal from scratch. He needed a character from a book for the book week. I bought a leather fabric which is used for the car seats. I then sewed the jacket and glued the extra fabric on an old trousers using the hot glue gun. the small … Read more