Impressive Homemade Mystique Costume

Homemade Mystique Costume

This year I went in a Homemade Mystique Costume. I started off by purchasing a blue unitard from an online discount dance supply store. After making sure it fits nicely – after all I was going for a bare skin look – I proceeded to paint it. I used watercolor (the kind that comes in … Read more

Cool Wolverine Costume

Homemade Wolverine Costume

My son didn’t want the regular cartoon Wolverine costume, he wanted the Hugh Jackman “logan” look. We grew the hair out for about 3 months prior to Halloween so we could spike and blow dry it up. We also colored it black for the special look. Makeup was used for the beard and fake wounds … Read more

Coolest Frankenstein and His Bride Couple Costume

Coolest Frankenstein and His Bride Couple Costume 15

I have been The Bride of Frankenstein more than a dozen times over the years and this year I wanted to be more authentic. I used a piece of carpet that I hot glued together and place on top of my head and brought all my hair up around it and secured it with a … Read more