Cool SNL Church Lady Costume

Homemade SNL Church Lady Costume

I started this Homemade SNL Church Lady Costume with a purple dress and shoes from Goodwill. I intentionally purchased an extra large size so that I could stuff the front and back side to give it a more realistic woman look. For the back I placed two pillows on my butt and used a belt … Read more

Coolest Publishers Clearing House Costume

Publisher's Clearing House Prize Patrol and $10,000,000 Winner

Instructions on making the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol and $10,000,000 Winner Costume: Go to the thrift store and pick up a men’s suit, dress shirt, and tie, and woman’s robe. Purchase pink rollers and roll hair up. Cut out a a piece of cardboard and paint it white, allow at least 24 hours to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Octomom Costume


I decided to go to a Halloween party and parade dressed as the Octomom, considering it was current for 2009. This Octomom costume was easy to make. I needed eight baby dolls from the Dollar store, an infant sling, a hospital gown, a black wig and slippers. I put on eight hospital bracelets and wrote … Read more

Coolest Canine Dr Frank-N-Furter Costume

Homemade Canine Dr Frank-N-Furter Costume

This is my adopted (senior) boxer, Pearl. Our local Dogtopia (doggy daycare and boarding) has a yearly dog Howl-o-ween Costume Contest and this Homemade Canine Dr Frank-N-Furter Costume was Pearl’s entry for Halloween 2009. She ended up winning the local competition and went on to the national competition! Pearl’s make-up was done by me, by … Read more

Coolest Homemade Electricians Couple Costume

Homemade Electricians Couple Costume

The idea for this homemade electricians couple costume evolved through several phases. Initially we thought we would be Chilean miners wearing hard hats and the green jumpsuits. However, our “jumpsuits” were going to be dyed green, size XL 180-230 lb Home Depot painters suits. We really needed to let the creative juices start flowing again. … Read more

Cool Tampons Costume

Homemade Tampax to the Max Super Plus Costume

Well, I wanted to be different, shocking without too gross, funny and spend less than $30. I ended up spending $21 and winning a lot more. Needed: Big Box – free Blue poster board (1-3 sheets) – $1 each at $1 store Clear or white contact paper – 4 rolls – $3/roll 1 bundle of … Read more

Coolest Richard Simmons Costume

Coolest Richard Simmons Costume

Although Richard Simmons has been done before, I wanted to go for authenticity. The shorts are the key to the entire costume…they must be red and white striped and very (very) short. This was easier said than done, as you can’t buy red and white striped shorts online (there is probably a good reason for … Read more

Coolest Domino’s Delivery Dog Costume

Homemade Dominos Deliver Dog Costume

My name is Tammy Chilleme, my dog Kaiah is a 3 year old resue dog, rotti mix that we have had since she was a puppy. She a wonderful disposition and enjoys wearing clothes, wont go out in the rain without her raincoat. Kaiah”s Dad works at Dominos so I decided to dress her like … Read more

Coolest Labor and Delivery Group Costume

Coolest Labor and Delivery Group Costume

When we were trying to find a cool Halloween costume this year we came across a picture online of a giving birth costume and thought we would try to replicate it. We built a hospital bed on wheels with plywood and 2×4’s with things we had laying around our garages. They also built a chair … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tampon Man Costume

Homemade Tampon Man Costume

I was struggling to figure out what to be for Halloween, so I decided to use some resources around the house. My mother recently purchased a mirror for the bathroom, and the box had to be used. I couldn’t resist since it was in the bathroom, to use another hygiene product. I quickly went to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pregnant Basketball Player Costume

Homemade Pregnant Basketball Player Costume

Well, I was almost 38 weeks pregnant and came up with the idea after everyone always telling me – you just have a basketball in there… that’s it, just a basketball belly. So it was real easy to come up with this one. Plus, I really didn’t want to do the obvious same ‘ol pregnant … Read more

Coolest Worms Costume

Bucket of Fishing Worms

To make the giant bucket of fishing worms is very cheap and inexpensive. First we bought a silver 30 gallon trashcan and cut the bottom out of it. We bought some paint and painted “Fishin Worms” on the outside, we added a little paint to look like dirt to the trash can. We bought a … Read more

Coolest Publishers Clearing House Winner Costume

Coolest Publishers Clearing House Winner Costume

I saw this idea for this Publishers Clearing House Winner Costume on this website and thought it was so cute. It was very easy to put together. My husband wore a suit and tie he already owned. I made him a badge that said prize patrol using vinyl and felt. We picked up some balloons … Read more