Coolest Homemade Jack in the Box Stroller Costume

Homemade Jack in the Box Stroller Costume

I knew, before my son was born, that I wanted to make him a Jack in the Box for his first Halloween, since we were naming him Jackson. He is only 9 months old, so I wanted to incorporate his stroller in his costume. I got an infant clown costume on EBay, spruced it up … Read more

Coolest Maggie Simpson Costume

Nayeli ala Maggie Simpson Costume

We are HUGE Simpsons fans and here’s our homemade Maggie Simpson costume. We started off with a basic bunting pattern that was easy to sew and we found the perfect shade of Maggie blue. In the same pattern sheet was a beanie that took a few more attempts but I finally got it, be careful … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mary Poppins Family Costume

Homemade Mary Poppins Family Costume

My son always loved to watch Mary Poppins so therefore we had the idea to dress all the family in a Homemade Mary Poppins Family Costume following the theme. For Mary: I was sewing myself with my mum’s help the skirt (blue, adding light violet ribbon) and I have adjusted the collar of an existing … Read more

Coolest Angry Birds Family Costume

Homemade Angry Birds Family Costume

For the red Angry Bird I bought a 5XL sweater and a 2XL for the black at the 1$ store, cut the sleeve off which then were used to make the hats, and filled them up with any type of filling and made the faces out of felt. For the yellow one I cut out … Read more

Coolest Venus Flytrap Costume

Coolest Venus Flytrap Costume 8

My daughter loves Venus Flytraps and wanted to be one for Halloween. I purchased a 2 plastic flower pots, green and red felt, green pipe cleaners and two large fake flies, 1 inch thick foam and silk leaves. We also used spray adhesive. First, I cut the foam into two large half circles for her … Read more

Coolest Homemade Aquarium Deep Sea Diver Costume

Homemade Aquarium Deep Sea Diver Costume

For Halloween I wanted to be the deep-sea diver aquarium man that releases bubble to aerate the water. When I was a kid I always wanted one of those plastic trinkets for my fish tank but never got to have one. Oh well, I just took it one step further and made myself a Homemade … Read more