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Sweet Peanut Butter and Jelly Couple Costume

My roommate and I were inseparable.  She was a design major and I enjoy arts and crafts, so we decided to make our costumes.  We bought cheap, stiff material from Walmart, Velcro, foam brushes and fabric paint.

We cut the fabric so that there would be 3 inches overlap to wrap around our bodies.  We glued strips of material to the top of the front (backside) and the other end of the strip to the top back (backside) so that we could slip it on over our shoulders.

Then we painted each of ours to either look like a jelly or peanut butter jar. Then we used a glue gun to attach the Velcro on each end. The hats, or lids, were made out of the same stiff material.  We cut a round piece then a strip 2 inches wide.  We used card board to first attach to the round piece of material along the edge.  Then we glued the strip of material over it.  Then we painted the lids.  We punched holes on opposite side of the strip and used string and tied one piece on either side.  We then could tie the strings under our chins to wear our hats.

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