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Coolest Homemade Squidward Costume Idea for Halloween

Here’s the story behind the making of our cool Squidward costume. When it comes to “SpongeBob Square pants” everyone always wants to be the loveable sponge but I opted to be his bitter rival Squidward (I work with children so all of us employees dressed up for Halloween). After searching in vain for a Squidward costume and not finding one I decided to make my own. So I went to the local fabric shop and bought some sea green colored fabric on sale for a dollar a yard. I also bought some batting (pillow stuffing) to make his face and tentacles look more pronounced. The orange shirt I retrieved from a bin of clothes I was planning to donate.

I sewed the tentacles just as one would sew neck roll pillows (except these were the length of my legs) and then I simply stuffed them with the batting and sewed them around the edges of the shirt. I tied two of the tentacle legs to my actual legs and just let the other two flow freely. The sleeves required no sewing as I just took a stapler and stapled the edges and left a small hole near the bottom of the sleeves in case I actually needed to pick anything up or open a door or two.

For the head of the costume I cut out the pattern of his face from a picture I was looking at, cut the neck big enough to fit snuggly on my head and then sewed and stuffed it with more batting. The eyes were made out of some left over poster paper and a little black marker. The costume was an absolute hit. The kids where I worked loved it and wanted to play with the tentacles.

Total Spent on our homemade Squidward costume: $15

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