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Spooky Homemade Dead Bride Costume

I must have had an accident on the way to marry my groom! Just about a block from the church, the limo driver was not paying attention and crashed right into a tree. I was okay though, so I thought. I wandered around for a while until I finally stumbled upon my church. Everyone was gone and night had fallen. Fortunately, I lived only a few blocks away When I had walked in my house, I found my fiance sitting in the armchair crying out loud. When I tried to talk to him, he didn’t seem to hear me or even notice my presence. I took a look in the mirror and this is what I saw! I was DEAD!

I have had this Homemade Dead Bride Costume for 10+ years and it never seems to get “old”. The dress is a Jessica Mclintock dress from the Salvation Army. The make-up is just store bought Halloween makeup with some brown and black eye shadow. The white contacts totally make the costume. They can be bought online for a reasonable price.

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