Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Costume for a Boy

I wasn’t surprised my son wanted a Sorcerer Mickey Mouse costume as his Halloween costume after a trip to Magic Kingdom. He was obsessed with Sorcerer Mickey.  But try finding that in a store or online. Not easy and not cheap!

Fortunately, he had the sorcerer’s hat from our trip, so the rest of the costume was pretty easy to make.  I used a pattern of an angel’s robe to guide me in the process of the wide sleeves, and free-styled the split in the front.  I also made an infinity scarf from the leftover material to create the cowl neck of the costume.

A friend had an old pattern of a “normal” Mickey Mouse costume that I used for the gloves and shoe covers.  Presto Voila! A Sorcerer Mickey Mouse costume!  He was skeptical at first fitting, but by the time I showed him the finished product, he actually had tears of joy!

Definitely worth the effort!

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