Homemade Buzz Lightyear and Woody Couple Costume

This is how I made this  Buzz Lightyear and Woody Couple Costume:

The girl part:

  •  a white corset
  •  fabric paint, purple, white, green ,blue, black
  • wings- a white board, acrylic paint, green, blue, black, purple, red
  • white gloves bought at Party City
  • black shorts I got a Jocle Leslie
  • heels are a must, lol
  • stockings or fishnets
  • also can use a tutu
  • I cut a old tank top to make the head band


  • a yellow shirt we bought at TJ Max for 20$
  • cowboy boots -used my dad’s old ones
  • blue jeans
  • cow fabric
  • we cut an old denim jacket and then glue gunned the fabric on it
  • a cowboy hat from Party City
  • a badge
  • red bandana
  • we also had a lasso we made form the hardware store
  • handcuffs

This is definitely a cute and different costume. We went to a Halloween party and were the only ones with this costume, it’s a major difference than being a doctor or a nurse or Batman

Hope this helps!