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Scary Red-Eyed Zipper Face Halloween Costume

After a little bit of inspiration from this website I decided to have a go at of freaking people out with a good scary red-eyed Zipper Face Halloween costume.

I bought a white zip from a local sewing shop.  To get this closer to my skin color I soaked it with a couple of tea bags over night.  I then used liquid latex to stick the zip to my face.  Once the zip was secure I built the layers up so you couldn’t see the join to the skin as well.  Once the latex dried I used some foundation to blend the zip and my face.

I then used a red colored liquid latex for the inside area.  Once this dried I used my finger to rough it up a little to give it a more fleshy look and added some black makeup to create depth.  To finish the red area I squirted some fake blood to give it a wet look  and let it run down onto my t-shirt.

I added some black makeup around the eyes and put some red contacts in to add to the overall effect!


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