Rayman and Raving Rabbids Family Costume

The theme was chosen by Benjamin, my 7 year-old son. Shy by nature and not the least bit outgoing, he takes after his mom, the wallflower!  In order to help my son overcome his social anxiety, I’ve been making costumes of his choice and joining in.  My thought is this: if his seriously boring and socially awkward mom can do it, so can he.

Last year’s theme involved homemade costumes of Minions from the “Despicable Me” franchise.  That was no problem!  Rayman & Raving Rabbids?!  What, first of all, is a “Rayman” and what, similarly, in the world could “Raving Rabbids” be?  Unless you have gamers in your household, you’d be as lost as I was.  Turns out “Rayman & Raving Rabbids” are characters from one of my son’s videogames.  Rayman is the unlikely hero of a sort and he protects the world from the Rabbid invaders with a toilet plunger gun!  Fantastic!  How does an all-thumbs mom put together such a custome?!  To answer that question, here are the directions!!

Rayman’s Head Piece:

  • 1 old beaten up baseball cap
  • 3 pieces of orange fur fabric (hair)
  • 1 piece of yellow fur fabric (hair)
  • 1 package of synthetic stuffing (plump out the beak & head piece)
  • 2 pieces of peach felt (beak)
  • 1 piece of white foam (whites of the eye)
  • 1 pair of googly eyes
  • Black sharpie or similar marker for eye detail
  • Hot glue gun and 2 packets of glue sticks and lots of elbow grease!

Rayman’s Clothes:

  • 1 purple t-shirt with a white felt circle cut out and attached with glue gun.
  • 1 red hooded sweat shirt
  • 1 pair of standard black pants

Rayman’s Shoes:

  • 1 pair of garden shoes painted orange with red swirls on either sides


Raving Rabbids Costume:

  • 1 biohazard suit with hood
  • 1 pair of Styrofoam balls (eyes)
  • 1 pair of googly eyes (nose….Hehehe Just seeing who actually reads this far into the description)
  • 2 pieces of card board cut into Rabbid ear shape
  • 2 pieces of white felt to cover Rabbid ears
  • 2 pipe cleaners to keep Rabbid ears up right
  • 1 styrofoam dome to attach ears on to
  • 4 pieces pink felt squares (tummy)
  • 1 piece of pink felt to make Rabbids eye lids
  • glue gun, more glue sticks, a few shinged fingers and the end product a happy child at trick or trunk event!

Rayman and Raving Rabbids Family Costume

Rayman and Raving Rabbids Family Costume

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