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Queen Elizabeth I of England Costume

Halloween is my favorite holiday, a day I can show people my vision and talent! I’ve always have been a fan of the Baroque time period; I knew that would be the perfect inspiration for a Halloween costume! As I did my research, I felt it was best for me to choose to be Queen Elizabeth I of England. I love the fact of being someone who played a role in history. Also, who wouldn’t want to be a queen for a night?

I did my research on my costume and began to design and sew it Tuesday night (Oct. 27). Yes., the week of Halloween. I managed to sew the whole dress in 4 hours in one day. Being busy with my day-to-day life, I was determined to sew and create this masterpiece! Managed to push myself and stay up to sew and create! (It has been one long week, yet so worth it!) The whole costume took 2 days, approximately 15 hours. I never knew sewing and designing a Queen Elizabeth costume would be a project that was relaxing to me and enjoyed it so much! I have designed and sewed the whole dress as well as make the crown.

The best part for me was watching the costume come together. I loved having my vision that I thought about, come to life in order for me to share with others! On the other hand, the hardest part was being nervous that maybe some people wouldn’t know who I am. I was nervous putting all this hard work into something and then not having a good response back.

The feedback about the costume was tremendous! I felt like a celebrity in it, if I do say so myself! People wanted to take pictures with me and commented on how gorgeous it was! I was pleased and happy with my final look! I was relived to know that people knew who I was and there amazing feedback. I’m excited for Halloween 2016, wonder what I will be?

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