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Prize-Winning Beer Pong Table Costume

In 2012 I was desperate for a unique and fun costume.  I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest (of course) and let my creative juices flow.

At the craft store I purchased a narrow yet long piece of foam board.  I then picked up some contact paper in a wood pattern to make it look like a real table (this way it wouldn’t be too heavy to carry around all night).  I used super glue to place the cups on the board and carried a few spare ping pong balls in my pocket as well as glueing some to a headband.

I was a hit at a neighborhood costume party!  The next weekend a local bar had a costume contest and we figured we got to wear our costumes twice!  At the bar I flipped up the board and allowed others to “play” trying to get the ball in the cups.  I won first prize!!  This is an easy costume that is a big hit!

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