Perfect Sized Homemade Toddler Minion Costume

To create this toddler minion costume, I started off with a foam mattress that I cut to fit my 22 month old daughter.

The Body

  • Cut the top of the mattress like a flower to get it to fold and form a round head.
  • Used Velcro and hot glue to keep the seam together on the back.
  • Spray painted it yellow.
  • Cut a hole for the mouth (which she would see out of).
  • Used the left over foam mattress to form the teeth, spray painted them white and hot glued them in the mouth.
  • Also made a bottom lip out of mattress foam and painted it yellow … just to give it dimension.
  • Put foam filler in the head so she could see and not get swallowed up.

The Eyepiece

  • I cut an oatmeal container in half and painted it gray for the eye piece.
  • The eye was made out of white, black and brown craft foam.
  • I used black nylon fabric for the strap of the eye piece.
  • It was all hot glued together then hot glued onto the minion.

The Extras

  • For the hair I used orange yarn and black pipe cleaners, wrapping the yarn around the pipe cleaners to make the pig tails. Using a homemade pattern I glued the yarn to the top of the head to make the hair.
  • The dress was made out of blue, white and yellow felt. I made templates of the dots, flowers, straps and lace before cutting the actual felt. The dress, dots, straps and lace were all hot glued on.

This costume took me about 3 weeks to make and it cost me less than $20.

The best part about this costume is that my daughter was the perfect size for it and when she walked around the pig tails bounced. She competed in our local costume contest and she took second place in the  0-Pre-K category.

Perfect Sized Homemade Toddler Minion Costume

Perfect Sized Homemade Toddler Minion Costume