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Coolest DIY Peas in a Pod Costume for a Baby

This “Peas in a Pod” costume was made for my son’s first Halloween. This is the best Halloween costume I’ve made.

Since he was an infant and not mobile yet, I needed something that would look cute with him just lying there. The costume was quite simple to make.

I first bought a white sleeper that fit my son, 1 meter of white polar fleece, 1 meter of white flannel, and 1 meter square of 2″ thick foam rubber, a small strip of Velcro, a package of green Rit dye, and a package of fibre fill. I tossed all the material except the foam and the filling into a bucket of green “Rit” dye.

I cut out six 7-inch circles. Then sewed them together in pairs and stuffed them to make three ‘Peas’. I tacked the peas together in a row. To attach the peas to the body, I used 3 little pieces of Velcro, and sewed one to each pea and the matching pieces to the body of the sleeper.

For the ‘Pod’, I drew the pod shape on the foam and made sure it was as long as my son, and then I shortened it by about 2″ on top and 2″ on the bottom. I also made sure it fit around his body and up both of his sides.

I placed the pod shape between 2 pieces of the polar fleece and sewed it together all the way around the pod shape. The top and the bottom of the Pod were then sewed together to make a canoe shape.

Holes were cut where the arms and legs would come out and the fleece was sewn to finish the edges. I made a curly stem from flannel and stuffed it, for the top of the pod. The whole costume took me about 6 hours to complete (which isn’t a lot for our best Halloween costume).

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