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Coolest Homemade Pea in a Pod Costume

I got my idea for this Pea in a Pod costume from a post on www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com but made a few minor adjustments.

• Two 4” half sphere Styrofoam balls (from the floral dept of your local craft store. These will become the “peas”).
• ½ yard 1-way stretch green polyester (to cover the Styrofoam half spheres and use for bonnet)
• 1 ½ yards 2” high density foam (to be used as the “pod”)
• 2 yards green fleece (to cover the high density foam pod)
• Super 77 spray adhesive
• 4 sew-on snaps
• Curved needle (not necessary but a BIG help)
• Green “onesie” and matching pants (or a green sleeper would work but I couldn’t find one that was solid green)
• 1 yard green ribbon (only needed for the bonnet)
• ½ yard thin elastic

Cut the 2” high density foam into a mirrored canoe shape. Use Super 77 spray adhesive to glue the foam to itself at each end, making a three dimensional pod. Cut leg and arm holes .(The best way to determine where to place the holes is to place baby inside the foam pod, encourage him/her to play with their toes while you mark where the holes should be).

Use the canoe shape as a pattern for the green fleece fabric. Tip: cut the fabric that will be the outside of the pod on the fold so there won’t be a seam on the back of the pod. The inside fabric needs to be the same canoe shape only a little smaller. The fleece pod casing can easily be machine sewn together. Finish the arm and leg holes using a zigzag stitch and small elastic pieces.

Use the green stretch polyester to cover the half spheres by cutting out two circles approx 8” in diameter and two circles 3” in diameter. Use Super 77 adhesive on the 8” circles and smooth over the half sphere. Use the 3” circle as the back. Once adhesive is holding fabric in place, hand stitch around the entire edge to ensure security. Next use a curved needle to stitch two snaps onto the back of each “pea”. Then, stitch the four snap-backs onto the baby’s onesie or sleeper. Finally, use the rest of the green stretch polyester to make a bonnet. I used a piece of green ribbon to tie under the baby’s chin.

I worked on this costume over several weeks but I probably put about 5-6 hours total into making it.

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