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Colorful Homemade Owl Costume Costume

I love owls, and I wanted an Owl costume Halloween. I found the felt from Hobby Lobby. I wanted to be a colorful one, so I chose the bright colors. I cut out each layer of feather from felt and started sewing each layer from the bottom of the dress till I reached the top. I used an old shirt to sew each layer on. I did the same for the wings and let them hang from the sleeves of my shirt.

It took a long time to cut out each layer of feathers from felt and then to sew it to the shirt, but it was all worth it. I made the mask out of felt and glued it to a pair of sunglasses. I found the purple and black stockings from Walmart. The costume was very heavy and hot, but it worked out great because it was very cold. I don’t think I could have worn it for the whole night, if it was a very hot and humid night.

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