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Out-of-this-World Jetson’s Family Costume!

We had a blast as the Jetson family! It’s rare that the kiddos actually want to participate with dear old mom and dad so when I got the chance, I ran with it!

Our costumes were pieced together with traditional clothing and embellished. Jane, Judy, and Elroy’s collars were cut from heavy weight interfacing material covered in fabric. Jane’s dress was cut short, lined with interfacing, and trimmed with lavender blanket ribbon. Details on George’s shirt are iron on vinyl and his collar is propped up with interfacing. His belt was also made from fabric covered interfacing and vinyl detail. Elroy’s hat was made with pipe cleaner.

What is the Jetson family without their beloved Rosie and Astro? What about their futuristic flying car? This was the trickiest part. I couldn’t have done this without my Cricut! I downloaded images of Rosie, Astro, and the Jetcar and used my Cricut to cut 12X24 pieces out of construction paper and then puzzle pieced them together. They were propped up with PVC pipes. It was such a fun night.

The nostalgic nature of our costumes won over all the adults that came by and surprisingly quite a few of the youngsters knew who we were too! We took loads of pictures with trick or treaters. It was my absolute favorite Halloween so far!

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