Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year!  I spend weeks looking and searching for creative and unique costume ideas that I can make.  Sometimes this isn\’t the easiest task but I always manage to come up with ideas that surprise and awe many people.  My costume this year was Rosie The Robot, the maid from The Jetsons.  Making this costume didn\’t look as challenging as it actually was, especially when it was time to make Rosie\’s head.  After hard work in searching for the right pieces and constructing the robot head my costume was complete and I was even shocked how well it turned out!  I had to make sure it looked really good since my work was having a costume contest with prizes for first, second and third place.  Halloween day came and all the festivities at work were wonderful, now it was time for the voting. I won first place in the costume contest and was so proud of the good job I did and that all the hard work paid off.  My co-workers loved the idea I had come up with and couldn\’t believe I made it by hand!  Every year is another challenge to come up with a better idea than the last and I definitely think Rosie the Robot will be hard to top next year!