Original Two-Face Halloween Costume Idea

Hello my name is Beth and I am a makeup artist in training from the East coast. I decided last minute to do a Two Face costume, for Batman has been my latest fandom and I’m up for a challenge. The original two-face Halloween costume idea came from a You-Tuber who had made a male version of the costume, the femininity was myself.

This cost about $25 since I had many things at my disposal.

What is needed:

A torn/ripped dirty Dress or suit, black or white.
Messed up shoes.
A ping pong ball
Liquid Latex
Black grease makeup
Red grease makeup
Palette & Brushes
Bald Cap
Cheap Teeth

Will Power and  a friend you trust.


How to become Two-Face:

1) Tape a line down half your atire, and spray paint one half black (if it’s white).

2) Get out a Dremil or sandpaper and make scuffs and scratches on the black side of your attire, or the side of your body you’d like “burnt”. (OPTIONAL: paint the scuffs red.)

3) Grab your bald cap, if you have long hair, pin back your hair as evenly as possible, short hair, just wear cap as follows. Take latex and place it around your hairline than paste cap on, seal edges with Latex>Tissue>Latex.

Get Dressed in costume.

4) Draw a line down the center of your face to your nape, choose side to burn.

5) Grab your cheap teeth, cut them to size, and cut the edges and use latex or spirit gun to glue them down. Or paint teeth.

6) Latex>Tissue>Latex your entire “burnt” side of your body that is showing, and holes in the latex by grinding the end of your brush in the latex, these are your true “burns”. Be rough about applying latex, and beware of hair.

7) Wait for latex to dry clear with a yellowish tint, then get a paint brush and start painting your “burns”, add depth with a brownish color, and everything else gets painted with a coating of black, not to thick though.

8) Cut a ping pong ball in half and drill a small hole through the middle, paint like an eyeball then use your brow and cheek bone to hold it in place!

9) Cut your wig in half and use duct tape to secure it to your bald cap on your normal side.

You are now a kooky looking Two-Face. Hopefully!


Most reactions where priceless, like

“Oh my goodness, how’d you ever pull that off.”

“You’re best work ever”

“I can’t even look at you without feeling terrified”

It was swell, and extremely different from others


Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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