Coolest Two Face Costume

My girlfriend decided to be the joker for Halloween. We usually do couples costumes so I thought I would make a Two Face costume. I went to thrift stores and bought a grey jacket, a white button down, and a tie to match Harvey Dent’s clothing in the Dark Knight. I used a pair of blacks pants and shoes that I already owned.

To cause the burn marks on the jacket, I literally lit it on fire, after pouring lighter fluid on it. A bit dangerous indeed, but I made sure to only do a little at a time as to not make the flame too big. I then took a razor blade and cut marks into my pants to give them a “distressed” look. Using the edge of a sponge, I dabbed black and red paint on the collar of my shirt.

I used a bald cap on my head, one half covered with half of a blonde short haired wig. The bald cap was sealed to my head/neck with liquid latex. The wig was duck taped to the bald cap. On the “burnt side” of my head, my girlfriend and I took toilet paper and rubbed it on the bald cap with the liquid latex, using our fingers. The liquid latex dries pretty fast, and the toilet paper rips and clumps a little to cause a burnt, dead skin look.

I used spirit gum and modeling putty wax purchased from a Halloween store to create a lumpy skin look on the side of my face. We then took black and red face paint on a ripped-in-half make up sponge and dabbed it all of the side of my face and head. Prior to this, I took white nail tips and cut and filed them to the size of teeth.

After the paint was on my face, I super glued the teeth to my cheek in line with my real teeth. A few hours before, I took red fabric paint and squirted it in lines on a sheet protector. When I was done with my teeth, I made sure this paint was dry and peeled the lines off. I super glued a few on to the side of my face, by the fake teeth, to make them look like face muscles exposed from the burn.

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