On October 25th, 2014, I was transformed into Two Face from Batman. I got the inspiration from going to Comic Con in Chicago with my nieces a few months back. It was my first time and I couldn’t believe how awesome it was and all the cool costumes everyone went all out on.  

After talking to my niece about what we wanted to dress up as next year, she told me about costume videos on YouTube. While searching YouTube for ideas, I came across two videos on two face. I instantly knew that was the  perfect one for me. I watched the videos over and over, studying every detail and what I needed, in terms of supplies, like paint and liquid latex. I scored at Goodwill for the cheap suit, white shirt and awesome tie, all for around $14. I went to a couple Halloween stores, Party City, the Dollar Store, Home Depot, and finally, Walgreens to get everything. I spent two nights in the garage painting the left side of the suit black, always remembering to keep it on the left side. The paint was from Home Depot, no difference than the paint for your house. The day of the party, I locked myself in the bathroom and got started. The first thing I did was to secure the bald cap on my head, cutting around my ears, then using liquid latex to keep in place. I cut the wig in half, and placed it on my head and drew a line in the middle to help keep everything on the left side. I put masking tape on my eyebrow because liquid latex and hair don’t mix. Then I went to town with liquid latex and toilet paper. I used a blow dryer to speed up the drying process because I was running out of time. Once dried, I started painting, starting with a red base, then building out the color scheme you see in the pics. All  in all, it took three hours to get ready. When I got out of the bathroom and saw my kid’s reaction, I just knew it was time to have some fun. At the party, nobody recognized me initially. People would greet me with long, jaw-dropped stares, wows, oohs, and ahs! My friend put on a great, well-thought out party and every guest put lots of great thought into their costume. Out of more than 30 people, I won 1st place. As my first creative endeavor and make-up application, I had a great time preparing, researching, and applying.