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Original Spider Woman Costume

I am wearing the costume. i looked on google under syfy/face off   face/body painting and seen this. i thought it would be light, comfortable, and easy to go through a crowd.

i got a baseball cap, fit to my  head, and cut off the front. I then glued a bald cap on inside to glue on my face later.Duct taped wire in place on top of hat.(use 14 guage )  used modeling clay for head to carve and for smoothness and air clay for legs.(alot lighter) then put about 5 layers of liquid laxex with my foundation mixed in, over all of it. then painted with eye shadow and face paint. (liquid latex is sticky so it will stay really good). but for the legs I used acrylic paint.  i also put a clear nail polish over the eyes for a glossy finish.

for the skin pieces , i put 5 layers of liquid latex on a mirror, used airclay to mold bones and liquid latex over it, then painted with face paint and eye shadow. I used body glue to glue on skin then foundation and eyehadow to blend into my skin.

i bought some black fur and stuffed it with tissue, used  hot glue for mending. then tipped the fur with white acrylic paint. i also hot glued spiders on my dress and cut panty hose for gloves. i hot glued a spider web on back of dress and wrapped around arms.  tada

went out but no one believed I made it. oh, and no one can really tell in the dark that you are wearing black contacts! (i have green eyes) and if you have never put in contacts… i think that was the most frustrating lol

oh …and have some nail polish remover to remove the glue on your fingers… i couldnt get into my phone with my finger print… and everyone is calling “where r u” ….. i might not be crawling now but i was after the night was over   ha ha


Original Spider Woman Costume

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