Original Oscar the Grouch Homemade Halloween Costume

We came up with this original Oscar the Grouch homemade Halloween costume idea about a year ago, so it’s been a long process, with awesome results. The costume consists of Chris as Bruno the trash man and his arms working Oscar The Grouch. We tried to go for as realistic an Oscar as possible, hunting down the best Muppet-quality fur, practicing “I love trash” day and night, and chillin’ with Slimey.

Every year friends of the family have a Halloween party and we just found out it was cancelled, so we were compelled to share Oscar with the masses. The past weekend we have brought him around to a few malls and parties just to see what people thought. Children go crazy, parents are amused as well, especially ones our age (30-ish) who love the Sesame Street Muppets as much as we do. Adult parties have the same reaction, lots of fun, nostalgia and pictures. That was the main reason for making the costume, love for Oscar the Grouch and it’s great to see how many others love him too. It was also fun to scare people who didn’t realize Oscar’s head and hand moved.

The bulk of the construction went from June to October. The clothes and inner structure are all recycled material, as well as the eyes, then we could go all out on the fur. Construction wise, it’s a lot of sewing (machine and hand) hot glue, papier mache, and more hot glue. The cuts from the x-acto knife, sewing incidents and glue burns were a hazard, but the reactions of kids, parents and drunk people made the whole ordeal worth it.

Original Oscar the Grouch Homemade Halloween Costume

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