Super-Original Homemade Gary the Snail Costume

This Gary the Snail costume was so much fun! I planned on making the costume in 2015 but just couldn’t figure out how to quite make the costume and did a trial make but didnt work. So this year I decided to make it paper mache.

I got a balloon and paper mached for the head but wasn’t shaped quite right so I tried a second time with a blow up halloween eyeball that I found at the dollar store along with a lot of masking tape. I paper mached and formed head which came out perfect. I painted it and let dry for a day. While drying I decided to buy a high graduation gown I found on etsy, added a big collar, bought gold chain at Joannes fabric store and made two big gold dots out of cardboard. I bought white gloves and dyed them light blue.

Finally my Gary the Snail costume was a success. It took a lot of work but it paid off. I had fun and got a lot of compliments and thousands of likes on twitter.

Coolest Gary the Snail Costume
Gary posing
Coolest Gary the Snail Costume
Gary being proper


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