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Original DIY Broken Mirror Costume Idea (7 Years of Bad Luck…)

My wife and I got tickets to the costume party held at the Hawthorn Hotel in downtown Salem MA. I had one week to come up with a costume. Since the pair of tickets cost us $180 I decided what ever I came up with was going to have to be free.

I went down to my garage to brainstorm. I’m a McGuyver and my garage is filled with treasure (junk). Among the tools, boxes, and scuba gear I spotted a roll of heavy Mylar I have had for at least ten years. I had it from one year when I taught 4th grade art class. I thought it would be cool to make clothes from it but I knew it would end up looking like crinkled aluminum foil. I then spotted a can of Super 77 spray adhesive and BINGO! Problem solved.

I got my nice black suit out of the bedroom closet and went to work. I thought if I left spaces between the glued pieces it would provide for fold relief and look like a broken mirror. 7 Years of bad luck. I learned I had to pre-cut the pieces and apply them to the suit while the adhesive was tacky. I had the mask from a past costume. The mask was tan with gold designs. I sprayed it gloss black and then painted the whole thing with a brush and my daughters glitter glue.

The party was awesome and I received tons of compliments. Everyone wanted to touch it because it appeared to be pieces of mirror. They were amazed when they felt it flex. I guess I have to buy a new suit but it was worth it!

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