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Original Couple Costume Idea: Wet Bandits from Home Alone

“Why’d you take your shoes off?” “Why are you dressed like a chicken?”

I went as Harry (on the right) and my buddy went as Marv….The Wet Bandits from the Christmas Classic ‘Home Alone’.  The costumes turned out to be the biggest hit of the evening, and each costume cost less than $40 bucks.  We both got our coats from the thrift store which cost $15 bucks at the maximum and we put on some of our own dress clothes underneath.

I picked up a cheap knit hat and cut the top off of it and sprayed my head red to show the burnt scalp (thankfully I already have a shaved head, which made it a lot easier than most.)  I drew an ‘M’ with a sharpie marker, and took some black and blue makeup to give myself a nice shiner.  I tore the feathers off of a white boa and super glued them on the coat.

My buddy, as Marv, trimmed up a Napoleon Dynamite wig, drew a red triangle, picked up a decoration spider attached to his coat, and had an old crowbar he carried around.  All in all, very simple and cheap costumes that didn’t take much time to make, but were a huge hit!

Merry Christmas Little Fellah!

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