Muppet Mayhem Fozzie Bear and Sweetums Costumes

My husband and I were invited to join a group of people going to a local Halloween celebration as Muppets. We didn’t think we would have the time or the energy to make costumes that would do justice to the greatness that is the Muppets, so we kindly declined. Destined to spend Halloween eating pizza and watching Netflix, we changed our minds. We decided to go as Muppets five days before the party, and many of the Muppets were already taken.

We committed to Fozzie bear and Sweetums and started to search the internet for inspiration. Most of our guides and ideas came from those who had posted before us on this website.

After one very long Monday at every branch of our local chain fabric store, and a stop at the hardware store we had the building blocks for these costumes.

We spent Tuesday creating frames and attempting to dye the fur for the costumes. We bought every pack of polyester dye available within a 50mile radius, we nearly ruined a washing machine, and we did not end up with anything near the correct colors.

Sweetums was purple, Fozzie was off white. We used water based acrylic spray paint to finally get the correct colors for the costumes. We did nothing but work on our costumes, go to work, come home, work on our costumes, and sleep for five days.

The Sweetums head is constructed of ¼ inch threaded metal rods, dand-o-line, zip ties, wire, and foam.

The Fozzie head is constructed from dand-o-line and covered in foam.

We painted the inside of plastic Christmas ornaments for our eyes, so they would still be shiny and reflect light. We stuffed felt with foam for noses, covered the mouth of our costumes with see through fabric, and modified a child’s pirate hat for Fozzie’s hat.

We worked until 3 AM the day before the party, covered in hot glue, spray adhesive, and fur. Every single moment of work was worth it.

Our group won the overall audience’s choice award for Highball (Columbus, OH). People ran out of bars and restaurants to see us, cars stopped and honked, and it was nearly impossible to walk five feet without someone asking for a picture.

We took hundreds of pictures, and our faces, while they couldn’t be clearly seen, hurt from smiling at the end of the night.

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