This was our Despicable Me movie themed year, with Purple Evil Minion, Yellow Minion, little Agnes, and her unicorn!

Our purple minion needed simple street clothing, but the hat was a HUGE hit! I sewed a simple beanie out of purple fleece, then sewed on eyes with googles all made out of felt. You could use a premade beanie as well, and glue or fusible webbing, to create a no-sew option. His teeth are also felt, only sewed at the bottom portion to let them stick out like the rabid minion he is! For the wild hair on top, I cut long strips of fleece and tied them all together to make a giant pompon. When you pull the end of the fleece strips, it stretches and curls when you let go. So I chose random strips to stretch and curl to give the crazy look this costume begs for.

Our little yellow minion is wearing a yellow thermal shirt with a “snow bi” overall to stay warm. Most people use regular denim overalls for this, but we found that they wouldn’t be warm enough. I sewed his hat the same as our purple guy, but a bit smaller, and added strips of black felt for his hair.

Agnes chose a pair of overalls and a yellow/grey striped shirt off of Ebay, which was easily found online but not in stores. Light makeup under the eyes and some blush made our adult Agnes look a bit younger. Agnes also wears a red scrunchi in her hair, but good luck finding that [unless you have a time machine]. So we used a red cotton headband wrapped around several times to give the finishing touch.

Agnes’ unicorn from the “It’s so FLUFFY!” scene was the most popular costume for sure. Her dress is quite incredibly fluffy, and we added tights and a cardigan for warmth [seriously, it’s cold here!]. The pack of headbands that we found for Agnes’ red one also came with a pink one. I sewed some ears out of felt to attach to headband, and cut out the shape of hair, with different colors layered for the whimsical effect. Her unicorn horn was molded from Fimo Air Soft clay, and left to air dry for 24 hours. I then painted it with a slight pink tint and added magical glitter sprinkles.

We went to a minion party a the local kids’ play place, and ran into my sisters [Margo and Edith], and Gru as well. They were complete strangers, but were thrilled to see us complete their family! So many people were in awe of our precious unicorn. This is our best set yet :)