Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costume for a Couple

This Mickey and Minnie Mouse costume for a couple was a hit. My boyfriend and I just simply bought red and black clothing. I paid $7 for my skirt at Forever21, tights from Wal-mart $5, black converse at Journeys. He purchased black pants at Pacsun $35, red sweater $15 at Old Navy. We couldn’t find the black Mickey/Minnie mouse noses, so I simply bought a red clown nose and painted it with black craft paint for around $2. I made both sets of ears (you can buy them at a store, but I like being crafty so I saved a little money by making our own.) To make the ears all you need is cardboard, black felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun! Minnie’s ears also need a red bow with white polka dots (ribbon is $1.97 at Wal-Mart!


-red and black clothing

-clown nose

-black craft paint


-2 sheets of black felt

-hot glue gun

-glue sticks

-red ribbon with white polka dots


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