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Magician and White Rabbit Couple Halloween Costume

My brother and I always try and go as something together, to all the Halloween parties. This year we wanted to think completely outside of your traditional “couple” costumes, like the Prince/Princess, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or the Superheroes. After days of trying to come up with something, we finally thought of being The Magician and the White Rabbit (using our very big height differences to our advantage)
All of our friends and family were completely hysterical by our costume, totally took them by surprise and they couldn’t stop taking pictures! It truely was the best costumes we have ever come up with!
The materials we put together for The Magician costume was, a old suit from my father, a costume top-hat, a magic set wand, and a black cape that I had from Halloween several years back.

For my White Rabbit costume, I used a long white dress, some white gloves we had in our house, and then I used a costume bunny set for the ears and tail. We ended up pinning the dress so it had a hi-low effect. I then did my makeup with whiskers and a bunny nose, ofcourse!

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