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Coolest Magican And Rabbit In The Hat Costume

My two daughters wanted to be a magician and a rabbit in the hat.

For the Rabbit in the hat I took an ice cream bucket from 31 flavors and covered it with black shiny material. All I did was hot glue the material, add a Styrofoam brim also covered with material, and to hold the brim up I used duct tape. I do not know how to sew! So the hot glue gun works great!

I added a string to hold up the bucket. Used a white turtle neck, a boa and hot glued the boa to the turtle neck. I bought Rabbit ears and painted my daughters face.

For the Magician I just bought a black cape added the same stars and beads with a hot glue gun. Went to a second hand store and purchased a tuxedo silk shirt and made a magician
costume. I bought the hat at a party store.

My girls won all the costume contest last year at there school festival, and a few parties we were invited to.

From now on they want me to make all their costumes!

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  1. Thank you for posting. Can you share more on how you held the bucket up? (I know you mentioned the string and boa, but what is it attached to?)


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