Saw a voodoo doll costume online and figure I should just make it.

  • Cost: Under $40
  • Simple dress pattern: $2
  • Black Yarn: $2
  • Needle/Thread: $6
  • Fabric: $7
  • Petticoat: $12
  • Black tights: $5
  • Red felt for heart: $1

I did the whole thing in about 8 hours.  Basic understanding of a dress pattern would have helped.  I had to learn.  I sewed everything by hand.  That took forever but I don\’t have a sewing machine.  I added the black yarn stitching for looks.  I also attached the petticoat to the dress.  I cut up the tights and made holes in it.

For makeup, I just used simple black and white eye shadow for the eyes.  I used a wet eye liner to do the stitches on her face, arms, and also around her neck and wrists.  Hair was tied up in two really high pony tail and teased and hairspray.   Her costume was a huge hit in school this year.